Parent scope of scene?

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to access the parent scope of scene? One of our students has built the Brick Breaker game
and he wants to add a time limit. He added a timer but of course each time the ball hits the floor and the scene is reset, the timer is also reset. Is there a way to pull the timer into a scope outside of the scene?

Thanks for any ideas!


Hey @auntiel!

Instead of resetting the scene, is there any way you’re able to code the blocks to their other position and show all the bricks again?

Resetting the game will always reset everything from my knowledge.

Thanks for the reply, @Dravin! That might be possible, but I was hoping for a more elegant approach.


A trick u could do is have a set of invisible dots where you want bricks.
Make the dots non solid. When game starts have each dot clone a brick so a brick will appear over each dot.
Code so all bricks (clones) get destroyed and all dots clone bricks again to look like resetting.


That’s clever, @Suzzy-Grey, thanks and we’ll try it. Can we put the cloners in a class and have them all clone at once? Something like

if (lose condition)
do (all in class cloner) (clone object) (brick)


Hi @Suzzy-Grey, I tried your trick and it worked a charm! :slight_smile:

This game would work better if the control pad were not solid. I didn’t see a setting for that; do you know if there’s a way to do it?

edit July 15: this appears to be the right link, but it’s not the right game. All my edits from the original remix are gone - the cloners, the timeout, counters for bricks cleared and resets etc etc. I always save frequently as I work. Bummer that it’s all lost :frowning: