How to make first clone work right?

My cloner works, but the first instance is invulnerable and never properly destroys. I saw a guy in a video use a ring of curved lines to hold an object in place, but mine doesnt seem to work…

Edit: after more testing, i was able to solve the issue in one game by having the first object fall under gravity offscreen, but in my first case, where the object is moving towards the player, how do i lock down the original while still allowing the destructable clones?


Hi @Watersharer! You can use these two solutions to not use the first object:

  1. Bring the object off the stage and decrease the parameter “Active zone”

  1. Use the trigger to activate the “Move Towards” behavior.

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Wow, 2 easy ways…i did not understand the active zones, so that helps a lot. And the second solution is one i might have found if i was uh…thinking outside the box, lol.

Thank you.

As a side note, Google is a terrible search engine, unless you are looking for unrelated, sponsored content. I remember when it actually brought back results.

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Hmm, and a question…if i reduce the action zone…does that characteristic inherit to the clones? Would they also have a reduced visibility? Does the original just need to be extra far away?

Is there a way to spawn with one set of behaviors, and then spawn with a different behavior? I think i know the answer already, but too many ideas and not nearly enough implementaion knowledge.

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@Watersharer! Yes, the clones take all the properties from the main object, you just need to move it away from the main scene