I need help ASAP


So, I am making a game. In events I have a score bar that I made so that when it reaches #9 I will go on to the next level. On the first level, there are objects. I made it so when I go to the next level, those objects disappear and new objects appear. I did that but those objects are still there.


Hello @kpgagozon! You can send a link to your project to this chat, so that we can better understand what the problem is!


Ok, well sadly I just found out some items won’t even disappear when clicked on. You can see in events that I made it so it works. The items are, sugar, flour, chocolate, vanilla, frosting, eggs, butter, and butter. I also made a button that shows the recipe when clicked, but it glitches out and instead always shows the recipe whenever I click the screen itself. Thank you for replying btw. Oh, I’m so stupid. I forgot. Here you go. https://ready.app.link/ca1IfhcWLV
Look at this awesome #ReadyMaker project made with @getreadyio!


No problem :wink:, we waiting the your link.


Is there a way to give permission to you guys so that you guys can do edits on it? Because I have to go to school rn, and this is due tomorrow. You don’t have to do everything because there’s other things I know how to. But this is what I’ve been stuck on since yesterday.

Thank you for your help and I’ll be here in the afternoon.


An interesting project!:+1:
The problem is that the yours layers are not set up properly.
First recomendations:
1)Turn off the solid for the all objects
2)Add the all active layers to the “User Interface” layer (Foods, drinks, the guy in the red shirt…)

I partially changed this (for examples) so that you can see how this can work: https://ready.app.link/MGevprE4LV


Are the recommendations for the “next level”? Because the remix still shows the same objects in the next level and only the background changed. Thank you for your help so far. Can I also get help with the leaderboard? I want a leader board that takes info based off of the time on the timer and shows the longest to the shortest time.


Hi @kpgagozon!
I decided that the ideal option so that you could learn how to create the correct logic would be to create a completely new project. Since there were a lot of mistakes in our project, such as:

  1. Wrong of step-by-step logic
  2. Duplication of events
  3. No system in events.
  4. No event optimization
  5. The absence of names for the events (This complicates the understanding of logic)

I created for you a new project, which you can use for further work:
(Open this link on the your phone and click “Remix” to save it in the your account.)

Please note the above recommendations in the future, otherwise it will be very difficult for us to give you good advice.
New recommendations:

  1. Use the controller where you have all the game logic (Behavior, music, etc., so you can better understand this, I added the controller to your project)
  2. Use classes (This helps reduce the number of events, I also added all the objects to the class in your project)
  3. Pay attention to the names of the objects (This makes it easy to understand how and where the object should be used)
  4. Give the name of the event (This speeds up the search for the desired event)
    Here is an example of what (On the example of your project) how it should look like:

The logic of the new project:

  • Launch the scene with description and with start button
  • Start of the first level
  • Completion of the first level
  • The appearance of a guy in a red T-shirt (You must move him to the right to move to a new level)
  • Run the second level
  • The end of the game if time is up (Level 1)
  • End of the game if time is up (Level 2)
  • Launch event if you won
  • Write the result to the leaderboard if you won (Smaller result is higher)
  • Game restart function

You have a great game :+1::+1::+1:, we look forward to when you finish work on it! :wink: