Paper boy creatin

hi ready,what i mean is do i need to create another set of event aside from the event of my main character if i will make a character selection ? im planning to create 3 characters but i guess i have to create individual event for them hmmm… and also, its hard to create assets from autocad hehe, . do u know some of the websites which gives character with movement options so that i can make every event in my game looks synchronize aside from standing and moving… and also im using a gif assets but i cant find same characters with different body positions like i have running man gif but i cant find the same running man gif with game over position… thanks ready

You can use Vectr to make shapes and place them wherever and whatever angle you like.
You can make a guy walking and save each frame as a sprite.

Then upload each frame to to make an animated Gif

Or if you have Windows 10 on pc, you could make a 3d guy and rotate the body parts and save a frame after each movement and then upload the frames to piskelapp and make a 3d looking Gif.


thanks suzy grey for the quick responce and help :slight_smile: ill try this tomorrow when i get free time… really helpful … :footprints::+1:

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Thank You @Suzzy-Grey! This is very useful information :+1:

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When i mentioned Windows 10, I forgot to mention PAINT 3D
This comes free with Windows 10.
Here is a video tutorial.

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waw nice, but i currently using win7 so i think i cant use it… but tjanks alot for this info maybe some people will also find it useful :slight_smile: thanks suzy


Hey ready, great update and new effects, i really like it… But, i recreated the game that i was having problem before, … The text is not placing on its coordinate, when i play, it moves down on the scene… And we tried to export it to the unity and we had this problem, the scene did not run and my character stucked in its place and the dorectional button placed on the center…

Hi @chanotskie ! If this is the “Paper Boy”, we have already said that there may be problems with it, since the games have been done for a very long time ago.

Yes ready,… But i created it from the scratch and everytime i place an event, i make sure to run it and it works fine everytime i tested it… So why the problems exist? I know that maybe because of the wrong sequence of the event… But i put everything fine and according to the sequence of the event… Well, if i created another set of game and event i will still facing the same problem Even i used a new genre or what. There were messages popping up on my unity,…

And also ready, i saved my game,… After a minute, everything is lost… Is it a bug? After taking too long to load there were no event saved… Im afraid i cannot make it to the due date of our project presentation… Because of the problem of the app itself. Can u help me pls

Hello ready, look at the screenshots i atttached, my uploaded assets did not load on the event…

Hi @chanotskie! Can you give me a link to this project? Is this definitely not a remix? Have you created a completely new project? Or used the old one? I need to look at him. From the screenshots, it seemed to me that this is an old project, because it uses old assets.

Hi @chanotskie ! This the all assets for the this game :slightly_smiling_face: :

Now you can create the new project and use them!:wink:

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I already have the assets of the game and i add some of my own design… If i finish this, i will send it to you because now, i having internet problem thats why the assets takes too long to load and also, the bug that i was facing yesterday is just because im rinning out of internet… May you help me with this after i finish… Thanks ready…

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And this one, i created yesterday. This is completely new project… All assets of the game, i get it from my root files… …if i finish this one, i will send it to u right away, i just having internet problems right now thats why i cannot go on with my projec because it takes longer to load and sometimes the asset doesnt load anymore. Philippine internet is a mess. Hehe…

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Ok, no problem, I’ll wait. I think the problem with the Internet has caused a failure and you have not saved the events. I always do a remix after some work done so that in case of failure I could start not from the very beginning.

Good day ready, heres my project… The actual game and the front page that im going to build using unity… Can u check everything because i checked already and everything runs smoothly without a problem, i checked every event and everytime i made an event, i play it to make sure it will work perfect… I guess everything will work fine, but im afraid it wont work with unity… Thanks in advance

Actual Game
Look at this awesome #ReadyMaker project made with @getreadyio!

Front page of the game
Look at this awesome #ReadyMaker project made with @getreadyio!

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Hi @chanotskie ! This is a awesome project! You only need to make a few changes:

  1. You can not export two projects at once, so the “Load My Project” function will not work in Unity. (Since it works through a server)
  2. You can not export the “Leaderboard” (Since it works through the server)
  3. For better performance, I suggest you reduce the number of effects used in the scene.
  4. I still continue to see that you are using the old project (I remind you! For the correctly work for your project, you need to create an absolutely new project, add assets to it, create classes and events) At the moment it works almost well in the unity, but there is problems with restart the scene. I’m not sure that this will be repaired for this project.
  5. It is necessary to make small changes to complete the game. (In the final the music played not correctly).
    Here is the project in which I made the necessary changes (It is correctly exported to Unity):
    This is the result of exports:


In the end, it’s really amazing work and I admire you!

Ready thanks fpr the quick responce and help,… I realky need this to work… So if i cant make my game to load a project, is it possible to customize a front page using unity, and then connect to my game using the interfaces on my front page? And instead of saving score, i think i will just make the final score shrink or display… And is it possible to modify the game inside unity? I will try to fix everything… Thanks ready for the help… :slight_smile:

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And also, what do u think is the reason for the restart scene not working? Did you try to export it and run the play again?? Thank u ready for effort i really appreciate your help and also, this is an all new created work… I started everything from the scratch to prevent problems and to make sire evertything will work fine… Rreally thankful with u.

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