Assets not appearing

I know this has been mentioned in other posts, but I’m still having issues with myself and students not being able to use the assets because the assets do not appear on the + tab.

I’m working in California and my students ranged from 4th grade to 8th. Before this was a minor issue, we would just restart ReadyMaker until the assets returned, but it is now not loading at all now no matter what we do.

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We’re having the same issue at our school in California. It’s been working fine up until today and all the assets are gone and students are having troubles saving their work.

I’ve reinstalled the Ready Maker software and verified nothing is being blocked through the web filter. Not sure what happened today all of a sudden.

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This is certainly odd. Unfortunately, the creators themself seem to have abandoned the forum, so the only thing I can really suggest is the old topics. Maybe you could try contacting Ready as well? The contact form linked below may work.

Hey guys, this issue should now be fixed!