Paper boy creatin

regarding your tutorial in paper boy game, ive done everything i saw in ur video, but it doesnt seem to work well, my house are moving inconsistently, my road are stock, no movement. i also want to ask you if you can give a full tutorial again for the design starting from canvas. if ita for pc or tablet or is it portrait or whhat… ur reply will be highly appreciated… thank you. i really need this for my project :slight_smile: thank you ready .


Hello! You can send a link to your project(Just Tap to the “Share” button and copy the link when you the start project), I’m interested to see why you do not have everything working. As for the tutorial on creating assets, we will posture to do it in the future. :+1:

thanks for your reply, i will share dis game creator to my school thats why i want to work with it… also this is my project but it didnt work well so i feel worried :frowning: thank you

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i will link my youtube… sorry for the bad quality



sori sori this one


:wink: - cool assets!:+1:
I will watch your project, but from what I see … your objects have a different angle, so the traffic does not look right.
Look this:

I’ve slightly edited your … project … so you can look at it and understand more of what’s happening and what exactly you need to change to make your assets look good.: (Open this link in the your Android or IOS device with help the Ready Maker and tap to remix, save him and look events)

I have some comments:

After you understand the work of events, you need to create a new project. You did not create this project, but maked a remix from the already existing one. (You can do this, but the problem is that this project is very old and was done about a year ago, at the moment it is broken after the remix, since there have been many updates since then you need to make a new project and follow the instructions from the video)
2)After you have placed your objects in the scene, make sure that they match the width of your scene. For example, for your assets, I would add another section of the road.
3)The problem with the road was that you joined the road to the barrels, you need the opposite. Also, depending on the assets in terms of setting up the events and behaviors, we also need to optimize the conditions. For example, I changed the movement of the character in the behavior of the joystick to “Up / Down”. Also in the events, I changed the position update for assets.
4)To calculate the correct angle of movement for your assets, we change the speed, for example, in your events I use the speed of the movement down and movement left, so our objects are moving diagonally.
I hope our recommendations will help you! But you can always turn to us for help, if anything goes wrong :wink: Your game looks great, you need a little more to try!:+1:

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thanks for your help​:grinning: i really appreciate it… i will open the link later after my school… :heart_eyes: thank u for rhe guides , i will surely follow this … i starting to understand the flow of this from the picture and guides, because the one i saw was too fast hehe … really great assistance…


…No problem :+1:

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hey ready, i wanted to ask if i can modfy this game with additional levels of speed when they reach a specific score or time … thanks

Hello! Yes of course it can be done using global variables. You can add speed gradually. Here are some tutorials to help you understand the variables:

Also, the speed adding system for objects is used in the last tutorial:

thank you ready for the quick response :slight_smile: what application can you recommend to create beautiful assets like house or roads or any kind of object . i prefer the free software hehe because i cant afford any paid software right now, but if you know some low and affordable software, can u tell me . please thank youu so much ready

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Hello! You can use some free 3-D editors to create symmetric 3-D scenes for example (Blender, Wings 3-d, AutoDesk 123D, FreeCad). And use any free graphics editors, for example (Old versions of Photoshop, GIMP, Paint)

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ready, this is the remix of the paperboy game, i having problem with the speed of the cars . i wanted to make it every 15 seconds, the speed will go up in a specific speed but it turned out to every 15 seconds the speed will change to 0.1***** m/s … and also is there other way to modify it manually? because its hard to scroll and get the specific speed that i want, … its super fast as the time goes by and very imposible to avoid the obstacles…

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi @chanotskie - really good progress :wink::+1: for the game, this the option help for you:

o i get it so thats the use of the variables … thank you so much ready for the help :slight_smile:

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…No problem!

uoh also, is it possible to create different characters here? characters selection :slight_smile: i want this game to innovate and so i will leaen the different functions of events :slight_smile: thanks

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Yes, you can use the GIF animation, you can use the search in the asset menu or upload your animation, you can also create your own animation with the help of sprites.