Emergency Help all artwork has vanished

Hello please help

All artwork has vanished, i can not find the art that came with the program or any of the artwork i have uploaded, it just all seems to have vanished all of it.


this is all that shows in the menu, no artwork at all none of my uploads or any of the default artwork.
Please help.
I am using a Macbook Pro and the latest version of Ready Maker
I had uploaded various png before this happened without a problem, i uploaded another png as i had done 5 time before and everything art like vanished.
I have tried searching for artwork but that did not help either it could not find even an asteroid or coin

I have tried restarting the program, and i have tried another project, one that i did with a tutorial last night, now all my projects are without any artwork at all in the right hand menu. ???
Where has all the artwork gone?

Please does anyone have any idea how i can get my artwork back as i was in the middle of learning to build a game and i fear i have lost everything.
Thank you any help is very much appreciated.

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This is not supposed to happen.

I have experienced this so many times, this is extremely often for me.

Usually my artwork returns later. However, I use iOS and Windows. I’m not sure how Mac would react with this issue, but I’m sure it may be similar.

However waiting is just something that worked for me. It may not work. I guess checking later might help. Deleted the app and redownloading may be a good try?

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Thank you
I will keep trying but i don’t want to lose all my work so delete and reinstall will be the the last option.
I love this program it is perfect for me, and i can see myself building a lot of apps with this program, i will also teach as many people as i can to use this system, as i think it is amazing, (when i don’t loose my artwork LOL)


Oh don’t worry - deleting the app doesn’t lose anything. As long as you have an account, you should be good! I’ve had to delete the app and redownload it to fix some things, and all my stuff is still there :grinning:

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