Says I’m Offline, Assets Not Showing Up

Hi There! So today I had went onto ready with my friend so I could teach him the ropes of programming, And when we both got on, The assets button was nowhere to be seen, For me, It was very normal because I have been using Ready for about 3 years so it has happened, But this time was really weird! It said we were offline even when we were connected to the WiFi, Every project we entered, There would be no assets button showing up, And even trying to enter old projects doesn’t allow it because it says the connection is offline. If anyone could help, That would help out a lot!

Unfortunately, this seems to happen sometimes. And since nobody who works with Ready is ever here, I can only say wait, hopefully, it will clear up later.

Yes! Thank You for the answer! I will check Ready Maker in about two days and see if anything cleared up. again, Thank You For responding!

No problem, I try my best!

Ok, Now I have a quick question, How long do these errors tend to last? Because every device I use has the same error.

For me, never more then a day.

That is weird, This has been happening since Monday and I have been working on this game with cutscenes, huge fights, And all with sprites that were made out of clay sculptures, So this error happening kinda puts a setback on the project.

Ok, I got some good news, It is working Now! It is time for me to start going on a programming spree now!!! WooHoo!!!

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Awesome! Glad its back up again!