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Hi, what can I do to make a different scene in a project? For example, do I need to create a separate project for the game’s opening menu?

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Hi @Alp! Yes, you need create another one project for the new level, this example: Create multiple levels

You can also create a separate project for the menu to select the level. Or move to a new level with the help of triggers. (At the moment, the game results are not saved when you move to a new level, export to Unity is also not available for this system). In the future we are going to develop a multi-level system that will facilitate the task and with several levels.

Thank you. I am working on a comprehensive game. Can I combine these projects with Unity? And a great engine ready. Congratulations

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Thanks!:slightly_smiling_face: No, as long as there is no multi-level system, you will not be able to transfer several scenes to Unity. You can try to create a few scenes in Unity for each of the projects and menus and combine them directly in the Unity itself.