Can I make different rooms?

Is there a way to make different rooms so you can change scenes? Like if there was a forest on one place but if you clicked on a button you moved to an ocean

Or not?
Reply’s are appreciative


Currently Ready is working on a multi level creation ability but for now you would have to create different projects and link them with events.

The code

When player reaches next level trigger
Next level trigger system load project next level


Yes actually. But, not in the way you think.

You can create assets that are hidden on certain scenes, but when you get to the scene you’d like, those assets appear. This is what we do when we create our menus and game over scenes.


I say for now practice with GDevelop it’s free to use and you can learn how to create different scenes from scratch. And it’s drag and drop like Ready. I still prefer Ready and unity though. I friend unreal engine though it’s easy to use it’s 8 gigs of memory to download and I need all the time it takes to download to come up with custom code

I up.
Is there news about different scene loading. It would be very usefull to make different level.

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At the moment, there are no changes, I can not tell you exactly when we can add a new multi-level system, since recently we were busy with other tasks.

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