Multi level game

So, I spent a few months creating a multi-level game. Got ready to export it to unity and, no luck. I know someone asked about exporting a multi-level game in 2018 and since it is almost 2020, I was hoping someone found a way to do this.
The real issue is I can’t even export a scene because it is immediately blocked by Ready.
Is there a way to build an APK file for a multi-level ready maker game??


I can’t help but @Ready could answer your question


Hello @clueless!:metal: Walcome to the forum!:slightly_smiling_face: For a multi-level system, you first need to export each scene separately, after which you need to create scripts inside Unity that will control the transitions between the scenes, as well as the main menu. For all this, you need to have basic programming skills and work with Unity. Unfortunately, we do not have a simple solution for this task, since a multi-level system is not implemented inside the “Ready Maker” and I have no information about when this will be done. For now you need use the “Unity (2017.4.30f1)” version.


Ok, I think I can come up with a script for changing scenes in Unity. But the problem still remains that I can’t export anything from Ready Maker because my scenes are all connected right now by “Loadmyproject”.
Should I remove that completely?


I would imagine it doesn’t matter. If your game is telling the engine to load it and the hierarchy isn’t the same, your game will just not do it. It’s like having the leaderboard option left in the game when you export it to unity.

Maybe this will help you