Using OR in event with effect


When using an OR function in an event, effect (for me shiny) does not work properly

This is my sample :
When/Object1/Drag/Is Dragging
Or/Object2/Drag/Is Dragging
Do/Object3/Shiny Effects/Run Effect

The Shiny Effect plays only when the Object1 (or Object2) is dragged two times and after it plays for this object each time.

Good luck


I copied your code with a 1 second effect duration.
When you drag sprite 1 or 2 , you are continously making the effect restart every frame.
So the effect only shows after the sprite dragging has stopped.

I think i found a solution.

When sprite 1 or sprite 2 senses touchdown
Do sprite 3 effect shiny loop yes.
When sprite 1 or sprite 2 senses touchup
Do sprite effect shiny loop no.

I set the effect duration to 1 second
This made stars circle sprite 3 when sprite 1 or 2 were pressed
and the stars stop appearing when stop pressing sprites 1 or 2.


Hi @Suzzy-Grey,

Thank’s for your solution. That’s working effectively for some objects3 not for all

I think there is more than one problem in the same time, so I cannot find the one responsible.
There is more than one affect on abject3 and thare are in a class.
I observed sometime putting objects in a class give some troubles.

I will work on it and come back after testing other case.

Take care


Hi @Suzzy-Grey,

I have not resolved my effects problem, when I make the same things in a blank game, that’s work !!

So I have decided to make a turn around, I have made tiny cercles invisible (not in a class) and put the effects on them, in this way that’s work.

I think really there is problems with classes. The appearance property are only complete in one of the object , in the other they are truncated. And when you cancel the class you don’t recover these parameters ? Strange :shushing_face: :yawning_face:

I think when I finished this game for my grand son who is autistic, I will go to Unity for programming the new ones. Ready is Ok for simple games, when you add some sofistications, the code is rapidly difficult to organise and also to read it.

Anyway, thank’s for your help and also to everybody in this forum. :wave: :wave:

Take care of you.


For making 2d games, i think you’ll find faster and easier to use than Unity.



I never heard of this engine, but it seems very complete and no code and/or easy scripting why not.

I will try it… Thanks for this idea :blush: