Affected object from class/instance class?

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Please explain the differences between the blocks Affected object from class (Gold) and Selected Instance(Gold)

Hi, “Affected” - we use this the method for one or group of objects with the same value. “Selected Instance” - we use when we need to select a specific object or objects with a variety of conditions.


Thanks for the reply.

When i had 3 sprites (copies) on screen and used the Instance class to make a sprite invisible when sensing touch down, the sprite touched went invisible. This also happened when using Affected class member
So it seems the Instance class is good for checking more than one attribute of a sprites (class)
Since Instance class can do the same things as only using Affected class member,
I think i’ll always use Instance class instead of Affected class member

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In some situations, for example, when working with the “Random Number” behavior, you may need to use both options in different situations.

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