Text Verification Not Working

Don’t really know what to call this, but the “Text Different Than” function does not work.

This only moves the camera if the imputed text is equel to 5

This also moves the camera only if the imputed text is equel to 5

My end goal is to move the camera to “X” if it’s equal to 5, and “Y” if it is anything else.

@Ready, to get your attention

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@Ready, to get your attention

both scripts DO the same thing, Camera - Position - SET POSITION TO OBJECT SMOOTHLY - Directions, so if its equal or not equal its just snapping to directions smoothly anyways uh lma000, plus there are better ways of doing move to x and y of an object (yes, a sprite not a function or anything else)

Yes, that was just an example. I should have clarified, but the events are actually different in my game. No matter what text is entered, the camera always moves as if it is equal to “5”