Editing help for camera


For my game, c/saw, it uses the camera following the player for levels. However, I want to move my camera while editing. How do I do that?


Hi @Heyitsgalaxycreeper! You can use the counter behavior and move the camera when this need, for example:

Event 1:

     Player/Counter/Set Value/1
     Camera/Player/Smooth Chase Cam/Fixed Orientation

Event 2:

     Player/Counter/Set Value/2
     Camera/Camera Position Trigger/Smooth Chase Cam/Fixed Orientation

Event 3:

     Camera Position Trigger/Position/Left of Object/Player
     Camera Position Trigger/Movement/Move Right Over Time/3 m  

Event 4:

     Camera Position Trigger/Position/Right of Object/Player
     Camera Position Trigger/Movement/Move Left Over Time/3 m  



I mean while editing, not in game.


Move the camera where, how? If you are using a mobile device, use two fingers to move the position is the only camera control i ever needed for editing, plus the zoom buttons.

Im a little confused by the question?


Thank you! Wanted to make new rooms for my levels!