I can't keep objects inside the camera

I want to make an fps game, but the keys (like the direction and fire keys) stay in the same place when moving left and right. How can I keep some objects inside while the camera is moving


Hi @Yburak41! You can place the camera on a separate object and move the camera and other objects when the player moves, for example:

 System/Runtime/Scene Start

 Camera object/Camera/Smooth Chase Cam/Fixed Orientation
 Camera object/Appearance/Set Opacity/0%   
 Camera object/Position/Is Left Of Object/Player

 Camera object/Position/Move Right In Over Time/3 m.s
 All Objects In Class Trigger/Position/Move Right In Over Time/3 m.s

Also, if you want to save controls elements (UI) in the same place, you just need to add them to the “User interface” layer (then the camera’s movement will not affect them and they will always be in the same place on the screen)