Testing Builds and Devices

Question 1

Do I test my Ready game on the same APK file that I will be publishing or do I need to make a special APK file just for testing?

Question 2

What are the best ways to test an APK file on your Android device? My device is a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Question 3

How do I test my game across all mobile devices and tablets to make sure it works fine on there without owning these devices?

Question 4

Do I only make my key for my game when I’m about to publish worldwide on Google Play?


Question 1 - Yes. You can test on your device the same apk file that you plan to publish on Google Play. There is no reason to worry about this.
Question 2 - This good device for testing. The more testing devices you have the better. You can also find android emulators on the Internet to see how your game will be displayed at various resolutions.
Question 3 - I do not know such methods. But we have optimized the screen for mobile devices, so when you publish your game to the Google Play, it will check your apk file and tell you how many devices your game can be available. (Usually it is about 8,000 - 10,000 device types). Add as much the API(Android versions) as possible to the your SDK to use the maximum possible number of available devices.
Question 4 - Yes, off course you can create the different apk for the testing and for the Google Play. There is no problem with this, the game will work exactly the same.