How do I publish my game onto Amazon APP Store and Google Play Store?

First time ever publishing anything onto the APP Stores.

How does this work exactly?

Does it involve any coding?

On Amazon APP Store my game will be 0.99$.

and 0.99$ for Google Play Store.

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About the App Store - try search this information on the Unity forum. This implies add the small size of the code, adding certificates and making the necessary project settings in the Xcode editor. You will also need to add the icons of different sizes with specific names. Also you need create the certificates in the Apple Developer Center, add the certificates in the XCode and send your build to the server. All this you can do after you pay an annual fee of $ 100. For more information, you can search for information on the Internet.

Export to the “Google Play” store:

Not the Apple Store the Amazon Store.

As far as I know the same apk file as for Play Store

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Excellent the exact same file as the one I’ll be publishing onto Google Play Store?

But my only worry any coding?

To create an apk file (without ad code) you do not need to use coding.

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Awesome my games will be FREE with no ads or for sale for 0.99$.

So I’m safe from coding :slightly_smiling_face:

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Last question for an APK File can I save it for another APP Store also?

Does it save automatically ?

Yes! When you save it you can give it any name. You can also give it different identifiers (See more in the video)

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Awesome thank youuuuu long you since 20 characters lol

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…no problem!:wink:

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Problems exporting game to Unity 3D.

The Ready folder and assets don’t appear for me and my game is stuck in Ready.

I need the folders to show up in my Windows so I can export the game into Unity.

How do I do this?

I have the video.

Got it working all good here false alarm lol

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