Unity game problem

Good day, i was trying to test if a game can be played in android the way we play it in ready app, but we are having a problem because some of the assets and functions in the ready game are not present on the game when it is in the apk format… Please watch the video hope you can help me with this thank you

Look at this awesome #ReadyMaker project made with @getreadyio!

Heres the link please help thank you

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Hi @chanotskie! As I wrote to you earlier, you should not have used a remix for this game. It must be done from the very beginning. Since this game was made a very long time ago and some functions in the this game are violated and no exporting to the Unity. This is due to the fact that too much time has passed since the creation of this game. During this time, there were many updates of Unity 3-D and Ready Maker. Therefore, you have problems with it. It is necessary to create a new project and register all the logic again. Then you should not have problems.

Ok ready i will start from the scratch and create this again and i will try to upload it in unity to see if it will work well… Thnk you :slight_smile:

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No problem!:slightly_smiling_face: