Export to Unity/URGENT MATTER

So when I export my hard work from Ready to Unity it doesn’t work. It showed emoji sprite and not my sprites. It also only works in 3D mode not 2D so all of my hard work I can’t test out how can I get my project to work in 2D mode.

I import the Ready package for my game but nothing about my game is in that package???

Ps this is Urgent.

Hi @TriStarsGames ! You did something wrong, check all the steps at the very beginning of the video, make sure that you accurately repeated them. 2D scene will open automatically when you export the “Ready Package” to the Unity.

Also use correct the “Unity 3D” version (2017.3.1p4).

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I have 2018.2 that could be the problem

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It’s not working downloaded 2017.3.1 and still only works in 3D mode. When I load it in new project and 2d mode and import the rest package it doesn’t load anything but the ready fall and stuff nothing about my project.

With a little more research I found the correct English version

1)Import the “Ready Package”
2)Open Scene
3)Clck to “Ready/Recreate Project” button
4)Select the “Scene” Tab
5)On the “2d” mode

What’s the first step cause none of this is working

Did you exactly follow all the steps that are shown in the video?

If Yes, please send me link for the your project, i test him.

This is so strange…

Our team has the same version and we haven’t had problems since.

Yes, games are sent to 3D but just press the 2D button and the scene and camera will be changed to a 2D view.

When you press export to unity, press open on the unity menu for your games.

It should export and once it does, you press ReadyScene twice. A scene should appear with all of your project files, so press import.

You should be able to recreate the project from the Ready tab and the scene loaded from then on.

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Ready has a whole tutorial on this. Here’s the video:

The video is about 18 minutes long, but skip to 2:04


That’s what I need. It just felt like there want a start point lol

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So I’m confused when I press export to unity3d it offend my document files and says select folder so I make a folder and select it. Than nothing. I open unity and click open and chose the saved Ready location and it goes through its processes.

Is it than I click on Ready package to export???

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When you export it to a folder, nothing is supposed to happen.

Yes, go to open on the unity menu

Then you press the Ready package from there :slight_smile:

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Thank you now I’ve got it loaded it’s all discombobulated lol the cover and the words double buttons and everything will I be able to edit everything

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This has happened to us, I’m glad you figured it out!

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Ps thanks for helping and not getting annoyed I’m completely new to this but I know what I’m doing if that makes since.


Don’t worry! The forum is meant to get help and help others! :slight_smile: