Publishing Games to an App Store

Hi everyone! We at Network5 are soon to be on google play, not sure when, but it’s happening. We want to create a whole discussion for anyone who is interested in publishing their games on any sort of App Store.

However, we have a few questions directed to the @Ready team.

Hi Ready! Our team would like to make a profit off our games. We have been told it’s fine, and ready doesn’t control what happens in users games that are published. However, we have a huge project, not going to say much about it as we want it to be very surprising to the Ready community, but this game may come at around $0.99USD on Google Play. So are we allowed to make our games cost money? What about if we create a game, and offer in-App-purchases? We want to be a game studio where we don’t “shove” or “force” users to watch advertisements. We want to make them optional, along with an in-app-purchase if possible. What we mean is, if someone loses in our game, we want to let them continue with an ad if they choose to do so. There will also be an area where you can watch an ad in general and earn some perks with watching the ad. Is this fine?

Also, if anyone else here is interested in publishing their games onto app stores, post it! We definitely would love to start a whole conversation about this if that is fine! :grin:


Yes, it’s all possible, you need to program all necessary work on the implementation of advertising and the logic of its work directly in Unity itself. At the moment, we have not dealt with these issues, since our main task is to work on the “Ready Maker”. Perhaps in the future we will make a tutorials for this.

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Don’t worry, we know about the coding. We have an idea on what to do, and which provider we’d like to use :grin:

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