Seamless backgrounds


I have uploaded and tried to add a seamless background to my space game, so i could add the scrollable texture behaviour to the background, this was easy enough but when i go to play the game there is a clear wave of something that rolls up the screen, I tried changing the seamless image but i still have the same effect of a weird almost transparent wave that runs up the screen.
Can i not use seamless images in my games ?

Thank you

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Ready Maker is pretty cool, it can sometimes do neat things. I have nearly a dozen of sorta fun and kinda playable ‘games’. I really love it, great for rapid prototyping and learning some basic rules of design.

Its also extremely beta, full of bugs and issues. Its fun for a week or two, but my suggestion is to migrate to Unity pretty quickly, for your own mental health. Its a much taller learning curve, but you are going to run into stone walls in ReadyMaker that just cant be overcome with its current build state.

This is not a criticism of Ready, just a statement of fact. The Ready guys also have a very full plate, with trying to do Unity and Unreal integration of a program that isnt even stable to begin with. My heart goes out to them.

The scrolling textures are broken, it is a known issue, with a resolution offered in one of the upcoming patches, ‘soon’.


Thank you very much.
For me Ready maker is awesome, i have tried various no code game builders as i am dislexic and can not code no matter how hard I try, so i have to rely on programs that help me build and create without coding, Ready Maker is perfect as i can actually get further than i have with any other builder i have tried.
Once i have learned how to use Ready Maker i will move to GDevelop which i find too hard to work with at the moment due to there code system, Ready maker is the only app i have found that is truly no code and i really want to learn how to use it well. I have tried Unity before but it was way too complicated for me my brain just can not understand programing or coding and i have been trying for years now so i have no choice but to search for and use apps like Ready Maker.
I will just change out the background until i can find one that works for me.
without ready maker i will never be able to build a game, so i am very happy it exists.


I also struggled code…mostly because i get distracted.

I prefer Ready, its fun and easy. But I need Unity, because easy also means limited function.

Ready is a tricycle, great for learning to steer and pedal, and super fun…but at some point you are going to want to be able to ride a bike like the big kids.:smile:

Just keep at it, good luck!


Thank you
I am a big kid 43 LOL so ready is better for me to learn programing as my brain is slow and stupid in its old age.


Hehe, 49.

There are tons of amazing tutorials out there, and in one of them i got the best game dev advice so far…just keep doing things over and over, its the repetition that really builds the skills. It seems like it is so hard, the difficulty of building a new skill set, but then i started thinking about it differently.

It took me 15 years to learn to write…from kindergarten with the Big Chief pencils, until college english and technical and scientific writing courses, and all the years in between. I had varying skill levels all throughout the years, gradually improving, and i am still not likely to write a novel. And thats just mixing up 26 letters and a few symbols to create ‘code’ in my native tongue.

And something i wanted to add as motivation…game dev is HARD. Take a good look at it, and you start to see that for every 100 people who want to do it, 98 or so fall out as they run into the actual difficulty of doing it. You need to be able to use art programs, and modeling tools, and game engines, all while mentally juggling all of it to keep focus on a result that might even be fun to interact with at the end. A phone call or even a toilet break can totally destroy my progress, just by breaking my train of thought.

And most games fail utterly on a commercial level.

Motivation, you ask?

There is no greater satisfaction than to succeed where many fail. And the only difference in the 98% who fail and the 2% who succeed? The 2% just kept at it until they got past the failures.