Problems with exportin projeck to Unity

I need some help with my Space Chiken projeck. I try to add something new in this game, but, after I’m importing this game to Unity I’m getting many errors.
I try the next version Unity:

In 2018.2 have this errors

In 2017.3.1p4 I haven’t any errors, but my game… I can’t start the game because all buttons don’t work (only AWSD is good)

So, please, give me some advice how I can export my game correctly.

Link to my Ready Maker project:

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Hi @PchilkaPrime, now use only the "2017.3.1p4 " version and try add the all buttons to the “User Interface” layer. This should fix your problem.

Sorry, I can’t add more screenshot in my first message.
Thank you for you answer! it’s works!..
But I have another one problem. My chicken flies out of the background in horithontal directions. And this white borders… May you have some ideas?

Try to compile your project for Windows. You not should have a white background on the sides. Also try setting in the “Stay in frame” behavior the parameter to zero value.