Hi guys. I have exported my Space Chicken game from ReadyMaker into unity. My first problem that I experienced was the textmesh pro plugin was stopping the game from working due to the duplication. I fixed that and now I have this error:

Assembly ‘Assets/Core/Editor/ReadyEditorLibrary.dll’ will not be loaded due to errors:
Reference has errors ‘ReadyLibrary’.

I’ve searched Google but nothing specific is found.

Any ideas?




Hello @rsvbod!
1)You need use the “Unity.2017.3.1p4” version: for the export.
2)The “Text Mesh Pro” plugin is no longer required to be exported separately, it is sewn into “ReadyPackage”
3)Also if this not helping, try use the another effect instead the “Fireworks” (Now we have little problems with him).


Hi @Ready. Thanks for the reply. I have the latest Unity installed and I don’t really want to install the older version. Is it worth downgrading though? I even removed the fireworks effect and still gave me the problem :frowning:

Thanks for replying!



Ready only runs on “Unity.2017.3.1p4” version to my knowledge.


Yeah, now you need use the old version.


@James @Ready. Grrr!!! OK thanks. I might just stick to using Ready as a standalone maker first and then use Unity to try and repeat what is shown in the tutorial videos. I am learning both programs as I am a teacher and looking to deliver this to my classes.

Thanks for the reply!



I think that this year we have to upgrade the Unity version. This is quite a big piece of work, but we need to do it. So when this happens, we will notify the forum about this.


That would be great! I am new to all this so if I had known previously about the patch I would have installed that beforehand. Not to worry though!

Thanks for all your help!



…no problem!:wink: