Problems exporting into Unity

When I export my game to Unity the camera isn’t quite right and most events don’t activate.

I’ am using unity 2017.3.1p4, and have recreated project in unity, but have had little success getting anything to work or play correctly or at all in some instances.

This is the project I’ am trying to export.

Hi @WoodPigNat! I’ll check your project!

Hi @WoodPigNat! I’ll checked the your project! For some reason, the joystick is broken when you move your project to the Unity. We will study this problem and will certainly correct it in the near future. At the moment I created an alternative joystick for the your project, you can use it after you make a remix of this project (your project with a new joystick):

This works well when you move your project to Unity:

I also added a little animation for the buttons, you can see it when you make a remix of the game. And in the end, I wanted to say that your game looks great!:clap:

Thank you for the help, I have one more question if you don’t mind.
How would i remix with the windows version of ready maker? I see the
option on my phone but not on my PC.

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Hi @WoodPigNat ! At the moment, we can remix the link only with a phone.