Problem uploading images and gifs

Hello, I am creating a game and I need my characters to move so I created GIFs using after effects. The problem is that when I upload the gifs to ready maker and play the game they start to blink, like holograms. Also for the background do you have a precise image size for the background because when I go to play mode it is displayed way bigger and the objects look offset. Thanks for your help.

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Hi @roselin! The background is always stretched depending on the screen resolution. If you focus on the background image to determine the position of your objects, you will always have an offset of the objects for different devices. The most correct way is to make the background image a regular sprite and add it to the “Background” layer, then it will always be in the desired position.

Regarding Gif files, you can send one of the files to this chat, I will try to understand why it is not working. It often happens that frames are configured at different intervals and Ready misses them.

Hi, I already checked the Gif and it was what you said, the frames were configured at different intervals. Thank you so much for your patience. Now I have a new question. When I want to export my project to Unity, I do not have the “ready” tab, I tried to download the text mesh but it is already downloaded in the ready package. what am I doing wrong?

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Hi @roselin! You use the “Unity 2017.3.1p4” version. Check if you have taken all the steps as shown in this video: The "Ready Maker" project export to the "Apk" file

Now I have the ready tab but my characters have disappeared and my background (uploaded as an item as I did not want it to stretch) is too zoomed in. Is there a reason why the characters are no longer there?

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When you running the scene (Tap the “play scene” button) you see the your characters?

You need use the “Unity 2017.3.1p4” version., not this. Please install the correct version.

Oops! Thanks for the observation. Now that I have the good version, it says NullreferenceException.

I saw where the problem was thanks to another publication in this forum. Thank you so much for being so helpful. :slight_smile:


…no problem!:wink: . “NullreferenceException” - you can ignore her.