Making and Importing GIF file


Hi Ready Maker, I’m. having this problem of where could I make my own transparent animated GIF for ready. because whenever I imported my created gif it will not become transparent but black background. I don’t know if it does not support the gif file i made or is it because of my phone? can you tell me where to make a transparent animated gif for ready? using only android. (if there is) and can you tell me also where to. make using windows. thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @dareangel777! Try use the this site: (Him fine working for me)


oh shoot! thank you so much dude! :slight_smile: now i can make my game hehe


it works! :slight_smile: thanks a lot dude.


… cool, no problem!:wink:


You can use Piskelapp to make animated gifs and edit/draw each frame as well.