Problems with playing audio

I’ve been working with audio in Ready but have been coming across issues. First off, it seems like the web browser version of ReadyMaker games does not like it when there’s lots of sounds attached to game objects, because the web player will not load the scene if there’s more than one sound attached to an object in the scene. I worked around this by only calling sounds from events and not attaching most of them to game objects. I was able to get it load the music attached to an object in the scene, but it doesn’t want to play the music when it’s called in the web browser. I’m not sure if anyone else has this problem since I can’t find any other projects with music tracks in it. Could this be a bug with the audio?

Hi, Yes! This may be a bug with an audio file, try downloading another file for the same event.

I tested your problem again. Yes, indeed, sometimes the sounds are not played when launched under WEB. We will try to fix this problem in the near future.

Thanks for getting back to me. Glad the problem will get resolved at some point.


I have the same problem with sounds in the web app, I have have a soundtrack along the game + 2 soundseffects attached to objects. I have added another sound to a third object.
This last sound don’t play when calling in an event. It plays when I click on the stop button of the web player !!! :anguished: :frowning:

Hvae you an idea ?


Hello @jean_claude! Your event is not looped? Does it play once or repeatedly? I suspect this may be the reason. So that the audio file does not play endlessly, the event must be closed from repetitions, for example, using a counter:


  Controller/Counter/ Less Than/ 1


  Controller/Sound/My Sound/ Play Sound
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Thank’s for reply @Ready,

I made a Counter going to One when another event appear (this event works)

I heve created this new event :
Object/counter/ More than 0
Object/Sound/MySound/ Play Sound

The problem stay the same.

But when I add this sound to an object and and I made it play on touching the object that’s work ???

But I don’t whant this sound play on a touch, but at aparticular time of the game

The strange thing is that I ear this sound (the begining) when I click on ( | | ) to stop the game in the player


You can send a link to your project, I will see it when I have chance.

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Hi @Ready,

In this version, I just call the ‘BravoTrompette’ sound attached to the object PAPA.
When all the letters are placed at there place the variable NbLettres rise 4.

In the event ‘SortieUfosEtBravo’
When NbLettres = 4
all Ufos will disapear
PAPA is placed to center
The letters go smaller in time for 20%/s
The Stars also go smaller **** There is a bug there also (see below)
And the sound BravoTrompettes is called at this time (The sound BUG is here)

**** All stars are in the Ufos class, but one disapear and COME Back !!!

The Project :

Thank’s for your time


I have Tried with the link in my web browser (firefox), the letters don’t want to go on the right ??
The game can’t be completed. :anguished: :anguished:

That’s work fine on my computer and the android APK also !!!


Hi @jean_claude! You can update the link of the your project, now i can’t open this link for the remix, thanks!

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Hello @Ready,

It was a question that’s cause problem also form me, when I generate a link in the web browser there is not the remix or edit buttons

So How can I share my project between several accounts ?

This is the one who generate the image I uploaded
Project with sound problem

It’s not the same topic, but could you also have a look at this one (from me also …)
Version 2.5.32 (last) Windows10 - Survey

Thank’s for your help.

Take care


In order to transfer the remix to another account, you must open the link to the project on your phone (the phone must be logged into the account to which you want to transfer your project), then click on the remix button and click save project - the project will be saved in the desired account. (Using a web browser or PC, this will not work).

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Hey @jean_claude! I made some changes to your project:

  • The sound “Bravo Trompettes” in the “SortieUfosEtBravo” event was not played due to the fact that the event repeats endlessly and a sound was played in it every 00000.1 sec. I added an additional counter and one new event to play the sound only once at the end of the game.

  • The stars increased because after reaching a negative value, the object is reflected and they increase again due to an increase in the negative parameter. I added an additional trigger to stop this process.

Here’s what it looks like in the events:

The project itself:

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Super @Ready:+1: :+1: :+1:

The Remix on the phone works fine.

…and the trumpet too Braaaavooooo :grinning: :grinning:

Thank’s a lot for your help again


…no problem! :wink:

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