Ready Maker keeps on glitching and deletes my Events

So, I have been using Ready Maker for the better part of an year now and there has been glitches every now and then but never such a severe one.

I was playing a game that I had made, the internet I was using at the time was pretty bad. I went to save the game before exiting and found out that I had been logged out. I logged back in to find out that all of the events were gone. All of the artworks were present with the changes in their appearance and behaviors still there but all of the events were gone. I redid the first event which goes like:

When: System ► Runtime ► Scene Start
Do: Camera ► Position ► Follow Object ► Crawler Spaceship

This event should make the camera follow the spaceship as soon as I play the game. However, when I play the game I can move the spaceship around but the camera doesn’t follow it. Further more, the play icon on the top left corner doesn’t change into a pause icon when I play the game and now I have to click on it twice to exit the game. The first click removes all of the user interface buttons (eg Control Pad behavior’s on-screen joystick) and shows blank margins on the side and then the second click end the game properly and shows the canvas as it would normally show.

I uninstalled Ready Maker and installed it back. Upon launching Ready Maker, it didn’t prompt me to log into my account. Rather it had my game up and running. I uninstalled Ready Maker, restarted my laptop, installed it by downloading an up-to-date setup file from the website but it still opens my game when I try to run it with the same glitches. I would also like to add that now my internet connection is pretty strong and fast.

Please help me out.

HP Pavilion 15 Gaming
16 Gb Ram
3 Gb 1050 GPU
64 Bit Windows 10


Hello @Rawmice ! Welcome to our forum. :mechanical_arm: In fact, this is a fairly common problem when, with a poor Internet connection, the project is broken, we advise you to always make a backup of the project (Start working with the remix, and you can always delete the old project after you save the new one)

To remix:

  • Load your project from the “My Projects” tab
  • Click on the “Remix” button
  • Save a copy of your project

In case you fail to save the your changes, you can always revert to the previous version and continue working.

I’m not sure if we can help you, but send a link to your project in this chat so we can check it out and see if we can fix it.


Thank you for the welcome and the quick reply @Ready. I’ll attach the link to my project.

Your response will help me create a backup in case I lose it due to poor internet. However, as I mentioned I am now using good internet but I still keep losing progress and the software keeps on glitching even after fresh reinstalls.

Link to the project:


A way to maks the camera permanently follow a sprite is,

When ship,appearance,hidden,no
Do, camera,position,follow,ship


Hello @Rawmice and welcome to the Ready Maker forum. I have also faced such issues. As you have said that your internet runs pretty well, it still could be an issue to connect with the Ready Maker servers, probably due to high internet traffic globally. I have faced similar issues earlier, but after some time, it becomes normal.