Ready maker being a great game engine by deleting all my events and making my game unplayable

Maybe time to switch to scratch

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Most likely due to your internet connection with the server. After you are done for the day, remember to save a backup (remix) of your game, since any remixes should not disappear like the events in existing projects do.

Hopefully this will work for you :slight_smile:


Oh ok thanks for the help


Hi @Bennydev ,

To add to @greenreader9’s advice, for important projects or ones with lots of events, I usually save a remix after each milestone i.e. several times a day. That way, if I screw up or Readymaker breaks my project, I only have to backtrack by an hour or so, not a full day.

Hope this helps!


@Bennydev These issues are always temporary, and usually resolve in less than a day… Usually this happens because of lack of connection between the network (you use) and the ready maker servers. Once the connection resumes, everything works correctly… I also agree with what @greenreader9 @auntiel said about saving a backup copy of the games

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