Uploading Music

Hi, I’m having problems with this.
When I try to upload music, I select the file, then click “Finish and Save”, and then the program starts to uploading. The problem is when I try to search it. It doesn’t apear in My Uploads nor the music section. Did this happen to someone?
The file is wav and the uploading seems right.

(sorry for my bad english)


After you upload a sound effect, click “MY UPLOADS” twice and you’ll see a list.
Click MY MUSIC and you’ll see the sound you uploaded.
Press down on the sounds icon and drag it on the sprite you want making the sound.
When you select that sprite you dragged the sound to when coding with the blocks, you’ll see that sound effect appear in the code blocks.
You can see how to do this with this quick video i made.
I uploaded a custom “Jump” sound


Oh thanks! But my problem is when the upload apparently is complete, the music didn’t appear in the music upload section!


And after that:


It’s very strange, you are using the latest version of the Ready? Try also to reinstall Ready.:thinking:

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