Looping Commands

Hi. I am making an asteroid remix game. It’s waved based with mini bosses and Big bosses but I can get the wave to continue to go up and up. Also how do I associate player damage to enemy and make each go up each wave.

This has been bugging me for weeks and I can’t make a tutorial on my YouTube channel if I don’t even know how lmao.

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Hi @TriStarsGames!
It’s a little hard to understand exactly what you want. You can send a link to your project in this chat and make a more detailed description of the logic that you want to do in this or that situation. For example:

  1. When the enemy dies, you need to change the position of the object “X”.
  2. Increase the number of enemies over time …
  3. … etc.
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@Ready yes enemies over time increase wave increase health increase over time ummmmm damage increase over time. That’s exactly what I need explained. I’ve gotten the enemies to shoot on a looped command

System runtime repeat every 2
Enemy ship clone laser blast

But I can’t get the health system or damage system set up as a loop to increase over time for difficulty and change of pace. Is it because I’m using mobile or am I missing something.

Now to think about it, it actually might be simple idk yet.

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Perhaps You can try using global variables for this. For example: create a variable for the health, for size, for speed. And increase this value when you need it.
Example Events:
1)If Enemy/ Runtime / Run Longer Than/ 5 sec
- Controller/Counter/Set Value/1
- Affected Enemy/ Healt/ Set Value/ Global Variable

2)If Controller/Counter/Set Value/1
and System/Runtime/Repeat Every/1 sec
- Global Variable/ Add Value/ 0.1