Code sharing for Unity and Ready

Now I’ve gone and use logic to acually create something in ReadyMaker. I don’t know if anyone has created.

If you would like for your player to have a damage ie. my player had a laser damage of 5, you need to make a variable of that type. Than create a method for what it would be colliding into ie. Asteroids. Make a variable for asteroid health.

Now for the code

When laser class collided with asteroid class

asteroid health subtract variable player damage.

To make the damage higher make a variable for that condition to make it higher ie. My game is wave based make a variable per wave or in the wave to get to next wave you need to destroy 50 asteroids so I make variable named Wave progress than associate 50 to that variable

Now the code

When wave progress equals 50

Variable player damage add 5

In all in wave 2 your damage will be 10

Hope this is useful.


@TriStarsGames! Thanks for the helpful advice!:+1: It would be just as well if you added a link to your project in this chat, so that other users do not look for it in other chat rooms.


Thanks for the advice in future I would do so it’s in my release so I don’t want to post that specific release here but I will make another project to post here with that code here. :hugs::hugs::hugs: