Associate damage

So in my build I need to make the players laser blast have a damage and go up each wave to kinda ease and balance the gameplay.

Anyone know how I might achieve that with variables and events. :face_with_monocle::thinking::thinking::thinking:

You can relate the amount of damage to another condition like time (a timer or run time of the scene). Or to an event, such as a score label counting progress. Whatever the input you then create bands WHEN condition true DO increase damage by x.

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@davidsol so if I want to increase my damage for the player from 5dph to add another 5dph Each time a wave increases use a veriable and a counter. I’ll post the beta so you could see my logic.

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Or you can make a variable that increases value at the start of each wave and have the bullets speed at that variable

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No not the speed how much health the bullet takes away from the asteroids check out the beta it’s all in there I just don’t know how to increase