Increase Speed and Arrows

Good day Ready members.
First time posting, I am in need of assistance. I have taken the game of codes tutorial and put my twist on it. However, I am looking to increase the amount of arrows fired and increase speed of the gradually over time.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Like most code, there are lots of ways to do these types of things.

You could change things after a set amount of time, using the system timer. I used this method in a space game idea, after 60 seconds it bumped the spawn rate up.

Or maybe try setting up a custom variable that changes the output timing or number of items spawned. Its worth taking the effort to learn to use variables. The variable tutorial is fast and kinda hard to follow, but there are other threads with more info i think. Its not really super complex once you start messing with it, and gives the ability to solve some dead ends i run into when trying to create gameplay.

You could have a second clone source that only activates when score is x.

And those are only a few ways, i am pretty new at this, and not a great coder.

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