First Game - Asteroid Time

2-hour grind for an idea I wanted to implement: here’s my first game!

Asteroid Time
Uh oh! There’s an asteroid field coming your way! Survive as long as possible by using your time-stopping dodging skills - just hold and aim.

This works best on a phone, where one can press and hold easily. If otherwise, I suggest using your mouse to click and drag instead of wasd, as wasd just defeats the purpose. Also, I am using some previously uploaded images, but it gets the point across.

- When you click and hold, you stop time, and get to aim at where you move next!
- Asteroids spawn randomly in random directions, at an increasing but random rate!
- Keeps score via the time survived!
- Easy restart; just tap anywhere to replay!

Try it out, see if there’s any issues or possible improvements:


Hi, great original idea.
The collision mask seems too big for the moons.
Did you use box collider? Because the rocket collides when clearly not touching the moons.
Maybe a round collider would be better for the moons.
And a polygon collider for the main ship would help if you haven’t done that.


Hi @wgjn! Cool game :clap:, yes … I would delete the Joystick, leave only the mouse (It looks better). It may also be worthwhile in the initial stages to use a smaller speed for the moons and obstacles, until the player gets used to the dynamics of the game. Then, over time, increase the speed. The best way to do this is to use the global variable.
Add the new Global variable “Speed” (Global tab/Game tab/New Global Variable/Value = 1.5)

Event1(Obstacles Move):

Class Obstacles/Position/Left of object/Controller

Affected Obstacles/Movement/Movement Forward In Over Time/"Speed" (Use the global variable)

Event2(Add Level Difficulty):

Score Label/Score Label/Greather Than/5
Variables/Speed/Less Than/3 
System/Runtime/Repeat Every/3 sec


Done and done. Thanks!


I like how the controls work, also the game is quite challenging. :+1: