How do I get the leaderboard to display when sharing the game

Hi, I recently created 3 projects but failed to make them playable once shared.

I can easily access the leaderboard in each games when playing in the editor, both by pressing the play button on the top left while inside a project and while in the overview of every projects. The problem is that once the project is shared the leaderboard never appears.

I can’t find what I am doing wrong as I mentioned the leaderboard works when the game is not shared but when it is shared we get to keep playing after the player loose since the leaderboard won’t appear to stop him.

Thanks for the help.

Here are the games in question: - Goal is to avoid the obstacles with the ball by dragging he racket on the left. Touching an object should trigger the leaderboard.

… link/lKhTvUBtUO … - Goal is to catch coins and the leaderboard should appear if the coin leaves the screen by the left side. - Goal is to trigger the leaderboard… Tap the button to trigger the leaderboard. Note that I also make the button move after calling for the leaderboard just to prove that the button actually works.


Hi @Potatobob666! let’s remember where the “Leaderboard” should work, and where not.

On the My Projects tab - should work
After you shared a link to the project and launched it on your mobile device - should work.
On the My Favorite tab - should work

In the Editor - should not work(You can only run the Leaderboard page when this need, but you not can save the game result)
After Export to Unity 3-D - should not work
After the remix of the project - must be reset
For WEB - should not work

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Thank you very much for this clarification. Just to make sure, if I build the game on PC and share the link to someone on pc should it trigger the leaderboard or is it only on mobile?

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Only for mobile (If you use the leaderboard), or another step: you can add this game for the “My Likes” Tab and use it for the PC, MAC, Mobile (The Leaderboard also can working).

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