Is it possible to have best score or highest score


When I reopen the app, is it possible to persist the best individual score or highest score in the game. And is this possible when exported to unity?



Tagging you to answer this.


Hi @vineeth059!
To save the results of the game in the “Ready”, you can use the “Leaderboard” system. Look the this tutorial:

Unfortunately, this feature works only inside the “Ready Maker”, since all the results are stored on our server. When exporting to the “Unity” editor, the connection with the server is lost and the leaderboard will not be displayed in your project.
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OK thanks. But it would be great as I’m looking for Android app which stores the score.

Also is getready only to be worked with unity? Can we not deploy or build android app directly.

If yes, the leaderboard change I can directly build it to app.


Please share. It’s worth trying. Meanwhile I’ll also check for alternative to fit for my requirements


@vineeth059 - All projects that you do, you can play with saving the score on the Android or iOS devices. To do this, you need to select the desired version of “Ready Maker” for your device (Android, IOS, MAC, PC):

If you need a completely independent application, at the moment you can use Unity editor. But he is not the only one, now we have also begun to actively work with the “Unreal Engine” editor. (The export option is under development). See details in the section:

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