Scorecard is not visible on Unity

Hi, I have created a game, it works perfect on Ready, but when I export through the unity. The scorecard is not visible, everything else is working great. I have imported the MeshText Pro library too, as shown in the video.

Here is the link for my project

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Hello! You mean the “Leaderboard”? If so, the Leaderboard does not have to work there, it only works inside the Ready (This is due to the fact that it transfers the results to the server).

Cool Game!:wink::+1:


Not the leaderboard.

The counter I have used for the score. It is visible on ready, but when I built apk or dmg using unity, it hiddens the counter.

Ahh, understand!

Now try not to export the plugin “Text Mesh Pro” - at the moment it is already sewn into the “Ready Package”. Also try using Unity version: Unity 2017.3.1p4

Thanks, It works. Used the same version and instructions, Thank you for building such an awesome platform to build games so easily. I never imaged I could be a game developer.

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Thanks for the kind words. Our team is working hard to improve, we hope that in the future our platform will be even better!:slightly_smiling_face: