Want To Know About Materials

I Really Want To Know About Materials. All I Know Right Now Is The Bouncy Material


Have you checked out the lessons in the “Featured” tab or on the “learn” page or the forum FAQ? Experimenting is also good :slight_smile:


Hi @ep5432, about Material, you can look this tutorial: https://youtu.be/7aKCO9Dnn7I

…The main thing you need to know … is that the names of the materials correspond to its properties.


Sorry For responding sooooo late but it only has the bouncy material in the video


Hi @ep5432! Materials change the basic physical properties of the object, it is best to test them with the included physics. When you assign a specific material to the properties of an object, this means that this object acquires physical properties according to the name of the material. For an example, look at another one tutorial where we use the “Frictionless” material, which adds surface sliding properties:

The ice material also has similar properties …

Honestly, I rarely use the wood or metal material in my projects, since their properties are quite similar, i can say that you can use these materials when you need to give your objects a slightly different physical properties.