Drag and drop and return

I want to make something like Doodle God:

  • All objects have it’s place in categories
  • I can drag and drop any object, but when i release the mouse button, it will return to it’s place.
  • If i drag and drop one object on other, the third object can appear.

Hello! I hope this example will help you:





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Great! But i can’t make object touch the square( Object don’t see the square(((

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Try Use for the square The Box Collider, The Layer - Scene and the Solid - turn Off :wink:

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I can’t find these options(

Don’t worry! This:

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Also, you can use the this project: https://ready.app.link/rHocUc97zN

I just saw that I forgot to show the video that I added some objects to the class. The “Classes” tab. There we add the objects “Rock” and “Water”

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Works! Can you tell me, how i can make different scenes? I am planning to use a lot of objects and i want to swtch between “work tables” with buttons like in Doodle God.

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Now you can use only the one method - play another project (System/System/Load My Project - in Event Manager). But the this method cannot save your result. You need waiting update in future, when we create multilevel systems.

I created one element, cloned it to save it’s parameters, but how i can change graphics of clones???

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Unfortunately … if you added an object to a class, you can not change the graphics for objects in the class (Only for the first object) The only way is to add new objects to the scene and add them to the existing class.