Space Chicken boolean not working

Following along on the step by step tutorial for SpaceChicken, I added the counter behavior to the arrow and set it to 0, And added the conditional to the counter making sure that it would not clone unless the counter “boolean” is 1 and it isn’t working. It is still spawning asteroids. Anyone run into this?

Hi @mcsnidely ! Try use the this event:

I would recommend you check again the arrow boolean value.

if this doesn’t work also you can set the boolean value “0” for the arrow at the same time that you place the first screen. Look at this.

The value would be changed with a new event after touch the last card.

Hi @DanteValverde Please send me the your project(Tap to the Share button and paste the link in this chat) so that I can see all the events

This is my project, it is working perfectly. Now, I’m trying to do something different like a kind of test room, by I’m having issues with the builder interface, I had 10 events and I only have access to three. The same happens with the mobile and PC version.

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Hi @DanteValverde! Thanks! I’ll try to understand why the project was broken.

@DanteValverde - This is an excellent project.:clap: I’ve slightly changed some settings and events, but basically there’s nothing to improve, everything works well. Disruption of events in your project happened after you edit the class name. We know about this problem and are now working on its elimination. Try not to edit the classes after they are created, it will be fixed with the release of the next version (maybe trough a month)

This the small remix for the your project:

Thank you very much! It works perfectly. I really appreciate your help. I have some feedback as an application user. 1) a menu with a list of the elements or objects in our project. Sometimes it is a little hard to select an object if we have another one in the background. And the second one the possibility to drag and drop the events to change the order. I only know the basics about programming but I am aware the order is important. So, sometimes we need to change the order of the events.

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Thank you for the feedback :+1:!

  1. Yes - it will be integrated in the next issues, we are already working on it.
  2. Events work in a block, they do not confuse the code, because in each of them there is a condition, it’s a good idea if we implement it for the convenience of the user, we’ll think about it.
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