Facing issues After update

Everything is destroyed after the update to the latest version (2.5.27(177))
Look what i mean


What is the new problem after the update?

I played on iOS and it seemed flawless. I love the bouncy animations you put in the game!

I have noticed an effect shows out of no where, and one time - after several games, the menu showed while the game was playing (when the fish is shown and able to start jumping)


Hi @3d_mind! This game looks really cool!:clap::+1::+1::+1:

I found the cause of the problem, you have an error in the events.
You place the “Score Label” objects in circles:

In the second case, you clone these circles, and, of course, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the “Score Label” in the scene is not displayed on the clone, since it is in the position of the main object:

I do not know why this works in the previous version, but this logic is initially incorrect.

To solve this problem, I offer two options:

  1. Try using a counter to trick the logic. For example, put the counter behavior on a circle and set it value to “1” when cloning, then if the counter for the circle is value “1” - you place the “Score Label” on the circle.

  2. Use the poling system. In this case, you do not clone objects but rearrange them after they have flown through the entire scene. You need to add one trigger to the left of the scene. When the circle goes for him, you move him back to the position of the spawner.