Problem making wind and forces in my game


Hello. I’m making a game with a man with an umbrella. I want when he jumps off a square for there to be falling leaves for the visual and wind that pushes him down. Then Once I go far enough left I want an updraft and I want an upward wind to push him up. I now have a falling leaves effect from a outlined triangle. I now need to figure out how to have an object produce wind or force on my character. I’ve tried “drawn toward” option but it doesn’t behave in the right way for the desired effect. I need to create wind. I need to create simple forces. I can’t figure it out. How do I do this? Help please?


Hi @M4gicman50! This good task. If you use the physic (Physic On/Gravity On) for the player, you can try add the trigger, when your player need move up. Example: the your player falling, and when him belowe the trigger, you move Up the your trigger and move up the player. Events example:
1)(Trigger New Position)

Player/Position/Is Below Object/Trigger


Player/Counter/Set Value/0


Trigger/Position/Move Up/5m

2)(Player Move Up)

Player/Position/Is Below Object/Trigger


Player/Counter/Set Value/1


Player/Position/Move Up In Over Time/1,5m/sec

3)(Stop Player Move, Reset trigger position)

Player/Position/Is Above Object/Platform


Player/Counter/Set Value/1


Trigger/Position/Move Down/5m


Okay. I’m looking for the trigger function. That you are talking about. Please help.

Also. I’m going to send you a link with a copy of my work. The arrows show the direction I want him to go from the wind. But it’s not working how I want. Take a look. :eyes: And if I use below object I don’t want it to always go up when below a line across the whole level. I only want it to go up in a partical section of the level. And I’ve tried more up while in box is touching and turned down the opacity that is closer effect to what I was trying to do but it’s still not right. I need wind. Or to change the gravity. Just for a particular section of the game. I can’t figure this out. I’ll send you a copy. Take a look. tell me what you think.

Please help?

Look at this


And here’s a slightly diffierent copy. Feel free to edit and message me on it. Or please tell me how to fix it.

Take a look at this one. Please

Please help?


What the heck? My work is just a stick man with an umbrella why was it flagged?? Thanks a lot guys. I’m trying to say something. And add a link to my work. And get help. It’s hard to see what I mean without the visual? Why did you flag it??


Wow… flagged multiple times. And hidden. Thanks guys. “Flagged for being an advertisement “ it’s not an advertisement!! So frustrating… :rage::rage:


Can u find the user who flagged the comments and send them a warning not to be so irresponsible

@M4gicman50 I doubt any forum users that have commented have flagged you.
It will be a user who hasn’t contributed to the forum.


Not sure who it is.


Not sure who it is. I wasn’t told the user in the messages. I just was notified. That “multiple users flagged it” “as an advertisement “.


I was notified 3 at least times in an hour. That it was flagged… I don’t know who flagged it.

Anyway. I’m trying to get help. Can you help me? I need wind forces on my character in a section of the level. And I can’t figure out how to do that?


Here is what I posted. (Minus the link) how can I post a link to ready maker editor, without being constantly flagged?

And how do I put gravity changes or a wind forces on my character on just on part of the level?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for 2 days. Please help. I will be grateful.


@M4gicman50 and @Suzzy-Grey - Do not worry! I read all the posts, I will look at this project a little later. It seems to be an automatic system lock, I will find out the reason.


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Around 20 hours from now i’ll make a simple demo of a guy that gets blown up when moving to screens left side and falling slowly on right screen side and normal gravity in screens middle. You can check the code.


Move left into the blue and balloon rises.
Move right out of the blue and balloon falls.


@Suzzy-Grey - Cool example :+1: , thanks :slightly_smiling_face: