Help with the game please

Hello. how to make a pull (for different strength of the shot) arrow with a trajectory ?

Hello, Do you want to shoot cores or bullets? Will you use gravity, tell me more about your script!

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what is a script? I do not know.

Which scenario or logic for firing do you want to? Tell me so that I can make the right example for you.

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I want to make a mobile game Remix - the archers.

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I have prepared you two examples that you can improve for your game.

Example 1:


Also, you need turn On Physics for arrow!

Example 2:


I hope this helps you! Do not forget to share what your game, good luck! :+1:


how to make the object cloned in a random place in a certain area?

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Get a sprite, give it “Wrap around” behaviour.
Have the sprite always move quickly right.
When it reaches the screens right edge, it will appear on the opposite left edge.
If you want diagonal movement, code to make the sprite move up as well.
Make the sprite invisible.
Get a ball sprite.
When something happens, code the sprite to make a clone of the ball sprite.

Or place a left wall sprite and a right wall sprite wherever you want onscreen.
Code a sprite to always move forward. Have the sprite face the right wall at start.
When the sprite overlaps right wall, point towards left wall.
When sprite overlaps left wall, point towards right wall.
Have the sprite create a clone of the ball sprite when you want a clone made.
Make the walls and sprite invisible and whatever size you need and place wherever you need them.

Here’s a short video where you can see the code in action.


Thanks for your help.

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how to share the game?

Save your project. Then in your workshop tap the project card. You will get the option to share. Then send the projects url to anyone.