I can't add objects in events

I have tried tapping and holding aswell am i doing anything wrong?

What do you mean? Objects are added to the canvas. Then “selected” in event manager. You can’t “add” an object to an event. Can you post a screen shot ?

I mean i cant pick a object in the events tab for doing actions

Do you see the objects listed below in the event manager. Attaching a screen shot of an example- in this case showing two objects added to the scene: “clapper” and “score label”

Hello @TeamMeridian, please try reinstall Ready. Also tell me on which device you can not work with Ready. Also you are using the latest version of the assembly?

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Latest version wont i lose my project if i reinstall
Im on galaxy s7

If you re-install, you will not lose any of your work. The work is actually stored on our servers, so when you log back in, all your stuff is still there. Of course make sure to save any project you’re currently working on before doing this.

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Thanks its fixed now

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