Can't Add Events to a Game

My events manager on a certain game won’t let me add anymore events. Please help. When I press New Event it doesn’t let me choose a when or do action.

That’s strange. What happens if you remix the project to make a copy and try adding to that? How many events are there now?

It is the same amount. What happens is when I click choose a object it doesn’t do anything so I can’t add anything else. I also have 52 events if that is significant.

That’s frustrating. I know that we sometimes see performance issues when you get over 30 events in a project, depending on the device. What kind of mobile / computer are you using?

Also- thinking - if you’re comfortable sharing the project, you can paste the URL here, and we’ll take a look. To do that you tap “Share” and then paste the URL into the forum post. From there we can load it in Ready, remix, and look under the hood.

I am currently using a RCA Viking Pro.

Here is the link

I opened the project - I see the issue. Sent it to our engineers to diagnose why this might be happening. I see you put a lot of effort into it - looks really cool. So hopefully we can resolve.

One thing I noticed - the objects in the game have “polygon” as the collider. This is very computationally expensive. Change them to “box”or “circle” collider at the bottom of appearance menu. Then if you clone stuff like at the start make sure to destroy the clones once you don’t need them. You can use a class for those objects and destroy the clone after “existed longer than” x seconds. This will greatly speed up performance. In the version I saw there are only like 5 events even though they’re numbered to 57.

Our engineers took a look and this is their advice:

This project has several damaged assets that prevent event manager from succesfull loading. What he must do is:
1) Add MagicBlast2 sound to Player
2) Add MagicBlast2 sound to UfoEnemy
3) Delete all placeholder sprites (Sandstorms, big Bordered Rectangle 6 near the Sun and Bordered Rectangle under Neptune)
Meanwhile I’ve created remix for the damaged version of the project, so we can fix this kind of problems automatically later.

Thank you for the help.

So I can reduce the number of events and compact them?