How do i make a walking animation and idle?

If you dont get me, I want to make it so when you press forward button then you start walking, and when you dont press it then it will stop walking. It is for a game jam.


so you’re looking for something like if/mouse_hold then/walk ? I think I remember seeing a condition like that in the Ready event manager. Why not have a look around?


You could use a slider to control moving left/right.
Set the slider parameter from 1 to 9

When slider value less than 4
Set walking gif flipped on
Move left 0.01

When slider value greater than 6
Set walking gif flipped off.
Move right 0.01

When slider value greater than 6
Less than 4
Set gif visible.
Set stand sprite invisible

When slider value greater than 3 and less than 7
Set stand sprite visible.
Set gif invisible.

Always set the stand sprites position to the walking gifs position.

This isn’t the simplest way to do it, but i like using the slider to quickly control a variables value instead of tapping or pressing a button and waiting for a variable to reach a value. For example a slider bar with a parameter from 1 to 12.
4,5,6 moves sprite left
7,8,9 moves sprite right
1,2,3 moves sprite left and jumps if touching floor
10,11,12 move sprite right and jumps if touching floor
You could use a joystick and jump button, or left and right and jump buttons.
The way i described using the slider enables moving left/right and jumping instead of using multiple buttons and/or a joytick


@poweringbaconmaker I think you should use the When: (object) > sensing > touch held
Do: (whatever you want to add)
I think it could give you what you want


Hi @poweringbaconmaker! Also you can look this tutorials:


Im using the sprite video because my gifs dont work, only my images work


The sprite vid is exactly what I need !! Thanks

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