How to make a walk cycle


I’m just wondering how to make a walk cycle in this awesome application please

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I mostly use “Paint 3D” which came free in an update to Windows 10, to make each sprite (frame)
Then i use this online program to make/edit Gifs,

If you have access to both these programs, then i can show you how. Reply back if you want to know how to make animated Gifs using these programs.

thanks for your reply but in fact i’m searching about approach to create this frame sequence using ready maker
think about something like this

(in frame 1) show pic1 and hide pic2 and pic3 and pic4
(in frame 2) show pic2 and hide pic1 and pic3 and pic4
(in frame 3) show pic3 and hide pic1 and pic2 and pic4
(in frame 4) show pic4 and hide pic1 and pic2 and pic3

and the ability to repeat this block

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Upload sprite1,add counter behaviour to sprite 1
upload the other sprites,

When sprite1,counter = 1
Do sprite1,hidden,no
When sprite1,counter not equal to 1
Do sprite1,hidden,yes

When sprite1,counter = 2
Do sprite2,hidden,no

When sprite1,counter not equal to 2
Do sprite2,hidden,yes

When,system,run time, start
DO sprite1,counter,set value,1

When,system,runtime,repeat every 1

When sprite1,counter = 5
Do,sprite1,counter,set value,1

If you simply uploaded the 4 sprite images to this forum, i could make the animated Gif for you, then you could save the Gif and upload to your READY account.

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thanks alot your very helpful I already create an animated gif from 4 sprite using (crazytalk animator)

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