How do I make a shop gui

I’m trying to make a clicker game because why not and I can’t figure out how to make a shop I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything so could someone help me


Hi @Blueseal890! Welcome to the forum! We can give you some recommendations:

I would use global variables to store data. When you raise a bonus in a game, you add a value to a global variable, for example, call it “Bonus” (To create a global variable, go to the “Global” tab, which is on the left in the editor):

Next, you need to create a store menu, I mean create a cover, sprites with products and descriptions (A separate small scene that can be shown at the right time by pressing a button or ending the game), this is very similar to creating a menu, you can use a tutorial as an example to create a menu on our channel:

As a result, you will only have to create events in which you will make purchases, for example:

Option1/Sensing/Touch Down (if you clicked on the product icon)
Variable/Bonus/Larger Than/15

Variable/Player Power/Add/3
Shop Trigger /Explosion Effects/Play Effect
Option1/Appearance/Set Hidden/Yes

… ect